Dynamics 365 – Icons in Views

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Unified Service Desk

As I try out the new features available in Dynamics 365 I am creating blog posts to explain each one in turn. This time I am going to look at the ability to show icons in views.

The Microsoft example for this was to display a red, amber green status on an opportunity. I wanted to do something a little different! So, I have opted to show an icon if my contacts are male or female. (And an extra one for anyone whose gender is “unknown”!)

The steps involved are pretty simple;

  1. Create some image Web Resources.
  2. Create an optionset.
  3. Create JavaScript Web Resource.
  4. Link the JavaScript to a column in the view.

Step One – Create Some Image Web Resources

This is a simple step! The hardest part was finding the icons I wanted to use. I opted for png images that were 16×16 pixels.

Step Two – Create…

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