Plugin Profiler (Dynamics 365) – Access Denied error while installing

Hi Guys,

Today I will be sharing a small tweak that I had to do for installing the Plugin Profiler for the Plugin Registration tool.

Being System Admin also, I was receiving the Access Denied error while installing the Plugin Profiler from within the Plugin Registration tool. I had used the latest version of SDK but no success.

After searching for various articles, couldn’t find anything useful.

At last I navigated to the Plugin Registration tool folder within the SDK folder (..\SDK\Tools\PluginRegistration\ which had the file.

I imported the solution file directly into the Dynamics 365 organization which imported successfully.

Then I started my Plugin Registration tool and the profiler was showing as already installed.

I hope it helps you as well.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Rollup 2 SDK

The SDK for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Roll up 2 is available here.

The SDK provides architectural overview Dynamics CRM, entity model, security model, web services and contains information for developers working on

  • server side code,
  • custom business logic,
  • integration modules,
  • workflow assemblies,
  • plugins

The users can also download the User Interface Integration (UII) solution framework, which includes a deployment guide, development guide and API reference. UII uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the delivery of configuration data for the Integrated Agent Desktop. It includes development and run-time components.

Precising Microsoft Dynamics AX #1

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an customization, scalable,  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution integrating

  • Financial Resource Management
  • Operations Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management

The application architecture platform is segregated primarily into:

  • Presentation Tier
  • Middle Tier
  • Data Tier

The high level overview (Reference: TechNet) is displayed as under:

Dynamics AX architecture logical view

The development environments Presentation layer of Microsoft Dynamics AX application can be developed using

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX MorphX development environment
  • Visual Studio

Both the environments connect with the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Server services using Microsoft Remote Procedure Calls.

To be continued…